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12.0KW Solar System

12.0KW Solar System

Pure generation of uninterruptible supply of energy or power at a minimum cost

Plug and play battery, inverter and solar system incl. design cabinet.

  • 0kW (15.0kVA) inverter
  • 48x250W high efficiency solar panels
  • 24x200AH solar gel battery
  • Design cabinet with plug and play functionality
  • MPPT charge controller

​This system is our largest system that will provide the small and mid-size business with power to run the hotel, production or warehouse. The plug and play solution comes with an integrated switch that allows you to switch between charging the batteries from solar – generator or grid power! We recommend that you call us for a specific design that cover your needs. This is done by our engineers in Denmark and is free of charge – but will ensure you the right size of your system

​​Price incl. VAT: N 6,051,000.-    ($19,519.-). 

Standard installation cost is Naira 90,000.

Please contact us for financing your system!

Denig Solar Pure generation of uninterruptible supply of energy

Get Solar Renewable Energy Power For Homes, Residential & Industrial Systems Now

Plug and Play Battery, Inverter and Design Cabinet

In-home consultation to define the homeowner’s needs

Analysis, Design, permitting, installation, Monitoring, Warranties and Materials

Customized design of photovoltaic systems to offset electrical bill

Our Solar Panel Systems are Lightweight, Flexible and Waterproof

A review of electricity usage and energy saving methods

Our Solar Panel is affordable, cost effective and of high quality


  • Denig Solar, located in Nigeria & in Denmark is all about making affordable and quality state of the art solar and battery solutions for home & industrial use


  • 6, Ajia Street, Ijesha Tedo (Ijesha bus stop),
    Surulere,Lagos State, Nigeria
  • +2348144478093, +2348033484119
  • mail@denigsolar.com
  • Denig Solar - Denmark
    Kastedvej 31,
    8381 Tilst, Denmark
  • +4522319545
  • mail@denigsolar.com
Powering Your Home With Quality Solar Energy
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