We Provides Financing For Solar Energy Projects

Denig Solar Denmark and Denig Solar Nigeria Limited, remains the only Solar Energy company making available financing for renewable energy projects for industrial, small business and residential users in Nigeria. Denig Solar can finance your system to provide off-grid power to industrial and residential users respectively.

Financing Renewable Energy Projects in Nigeria

The challenge of huge upfront costs involved in acquiring solar energy is the strongest discouraging factor for rapid solar energy adoption in the country. To set up a 2KV system capable of power a refrigerator, 5 lighting points, a television and sound system set, a user would be required to pay as much as N700,000- N800,000 in a three bed-room apartment. Systems that can power an entire building including air conditioners and pumping machine could cost between N2M – N4M. Considering that the lifespan of solar panels is over 20 years and good batteries can last up to five years, the cost over time is cheaper than buying diesel which pollutes the environment.


However with financing from Denig Solar Denmark and Denig Solar Nigeria Limited, a typical down payment is 30% – but Denig Solar can finance up to 100%. The beneficiary of this offer must bear in mind that the payback time for a solar system compared to a generator – is less than 2 years! You pay less each month for a couple of years for the solar system, compared to running cost of a generator. After 2 years – you have free power for +20 years. The beauty of the arrangement is that our company has the duty of ensuring that only high quality batteries and solar panels are provided for the customer wherever he can get it. Of course it comes with a warranty and contributes zero equity. Any interested persons should talk to us.

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Plug and Play Battery, Inverter and Design Cabinet

In-home consultation to define the homeowner’s needs

Analysis, Design, permitting, installation, Monitoring, Warranties and Materials

Customized design of photovoltaic systems to offset electrical bill

Our Solar Panel Systems are Lightweight, Flexible and Waterproof

A review of electricity usage and energy saving methods

Our Solar Panel is affordable, cost effective and of high quality

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