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We offer a wide range of product from small Off Grid systems ranging from 1.0kW-4.0kW, Domestic Grid Tied Systems ranging from 4-30kW and Commercial Systems ranging from 20kW-100kW. Not sure what is right for you or what it costs? We can help.

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Inverter: 3.0kW
Solar Panels: 4 x 300Wp
Battery Capacity: 2.4kWh

Enough to power Fridge, lamps, TV, computer etc.

Inverter: 5-10kW
Solar Panels: 12 x 300Wp
Battery Capacity: 2.4kWh

Text for Commercial Systems… Text for Commercial Systems…

Inverter: 50-100kW
Solar Panels: 40 x 300Wp
Battery Capacity: ?kWh

For Commercial Systems for Businesses and Institutions

Inverter: 100-200kW
Solar Panels: 60 x 300Wp
Battery Capacity: ?kWh

For Large Scale and Special Projects

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